Supported Birth Care


Read what former clients and students have to say about doula services and classes.

"I highly recommend Lauren. She is professional, caring, thoughtful, hard-working, and respectful. I don't know how I would have made it through the first 3 months without her! She not only cared for my newborn but she helped mama out tremendously. Lauren took the time to get to know me and wanted to understand my philosophy toward caring for my baby (how to do night feedings, bottles, pumping, etc). She answered all of my questions, made recommendations, supported my choices, and made it easy to nurse my baby for all the nighttime feedings. I was able to go to bed feeling confident that my little one was in good hands and I even felt that Lauren knew how to handle more situations with a newborn than I did! She taught me so much -- what the best swaddles are, how to use them, how to try a pacifier, how to trim baby nails, and so much more. She's a pro. She's seen it all. There were some nights when I was sick and could not have been there for my baby -- thank goodness for Lauren. She really went above and beyond to be supportive to me and my family."
Ali 10/2022
"As first time parents, the one consistent piece of advice we received from friends was to "hire a night nurse or night doula, " and boy were they right!
Finding someone  you can trust to bring into your home overnight with your newborn (and pet friendly) can be stressful, but Lauren put us right at ease. From the night we came home from the hospital Lauren was a godsend - putting together a customized overnight schedule that allowed a working dad to get undisturbed full nights of sleep and ensure stretches of sleep for a c-section, breastfeeding mom.
Even more importantly, as a childcare educator and newborn expert, Lauren was an invaluable resource for us newbie parents - guiding us through every stage (gas, dry skin, fussiness, etc.) and giving us so many parenting tips/hacks/suggestions backed by research and experience.  She saved us endless hours of anxiety, symptom googling, amazon buying and pediatrician calls. Moreover, Lauren was amazing with our baby... and our rambunctious dogs, so loving and taking genuine care of all of them.
We originally contracted Lauren to work with us for 6 weeks, and ended up extending her for nearly four months. Yes, this type of care is an investment, but getting guaranteed sleep is invaluable.  It enabled us parents to truly enjoy our baby!"
Jean (and Stan)  5/2022
"Thank you so much Lauren. Your class was very helpful, I can't recommend it enough."
Arpy 4/2021
"Thanks for the great class.  I feel like much less of a moron going into this now! "
Erica 12/2020
"My husband and I worked with Lauren and Elizabeth for the births of both of our daughters, who were delivered naturally without epidural. I wanted to avoid a C-Section and to have as few medical interventions as possible. Lauren and Elizabeth helped us prepare, align on my birth plan with my medical providers, and were amazingly helpful during labor - which was over 24 hrs long (12 at home via phone support, 12 at the hospital). They encouraged me to be as mobile as possible, using gravity, birth ball, and different positions, and coached my husband to be an active partner during the process. They acted as a mediator / translator between medical staff and my husband and me, helping us make informed choices. They helped me stay focused and used a number of pain management techniques - massage, essential oils, words of encouragement, etc. I never felt alone in this challenging process. I feel incredibly proud of us, thanks to their help! Our second birth was during Covid, so the support we received was via video. My labor was extremely fast, and thanks to the support and education both my husband and I received from Lauren and Elizabeth, we knew what was happening and how to handle it. I highly recommend hiring a doula, especially for first birth. Lauren and Elizabeth are a great team - I couldn't recommend them more highly!"
Kat (& Anton) 12/2020
"Thank you so much for all your help with our family! The last 6 weeks would not have been the same without you. Thanks for making our journey into a family of four much more comfortable!"
Lauren 9/2020
"Lauren and Elizabeth helped my wife thru 30 hours of induced labor. Lauren stayed almost all night talking to my wife (on the phone) to calm her nerves. They helped us make informed decision like when to start epidural or just being there till the end. They were professional, caring and supportive through the entire process. I would recommend them anyway for anyone who is going through pregnancy to rely on as their support. They are super knowledgeable and have a calmness to bring to the table during chaos."
Karthik (& Kushala) 7/2020
"...Pregnancy can be a challenging time but pregnancy and birth in a COVID-19 world was extremely challenging. Both Lauren and Elizabeth really helped us through when we felt lost at times....During labor they provided amazing support. Though they weren't physically there (because of hospital COVID-19 restrictions), they would call to check in on us or always be available to help us. ...We are so thankful for Lauren and Elizabeth's support, experience, and care. The birthing process can never be planned but they were instrumental in guiding us and conditions changed. We highly recommend that Lauren and Elizabeth are a part of your birth support team."
AJ (& Marisol) 7/2020
"You're just a wonderful teacher and we so appreciated getting to spend time with you."
Cait 3/2020
"Thank you SO much to Lauren and Elizabeth for helping to bring our baby girl, Emmy, into the world November 5, 2018. Lauren and Elizabeth supported my every wish as I successfully brought Emmy into the world through VBAC (after 2 previous C-sections). I started labor around noon and delivered her, only after 8 minutes of pushing, at 8:33pm, unmedicated. Lauren was my support the entire time. She explained what was happening and how to help with positions and pain. She advocated for me to the nurses and my OB. It was the most amazing experience and I am so grateful for all their advice, help and love through the process. You are in the best hands with these two. I am still in awe at their knowledge, their calmness, and their devotion. No need to search anymore- Lauren and Elizabeth are the ones to hire."
Krista 3/2020
"I wanted to reach out and say thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my husband and I prepare for the birth of our son. Thank you for helping bring him into the world. The information you gave us was invaluable."
Cristina & Matt 2/2020


"Thank you for all of the info and insight! We felt so much better leaving your class!!"

Carrie & Zack 8/19

"Lauren gave us confidence that we were making the right decisions every step of the way."

Sarah & Michael 6/19


"The training from the class was extremely helpful during pushing. It helped me endure through the pain and exhaustion in order to have the baby the way I wanted to. That “ring of fire” was no joke! I wasn’t sure how much I’d be able to feel while on the epidural drip, if anything, but I definitely felt that! I really needed the info and training you gave us in class to get through that pain! "
Hannah (& Chris) 4/19
"We had a great time in the class and thank you for all of the info you sent before we went to the hospital."
Lauren & Nick 2/19
"We enjoyed the class very much and referenced the booklet you gave frequently. Thank you for facilitating."
Sarah & Jason 1/19
"...sending you a HUGE thank you for helping us through this natural birth! We couldn't be happier and we couldn't have done it without  you!"
Kat (& Anton) 11/18


"My husband and i took Lauren's support birth class at the Pump Station. She was informative, kind and easy going. We learned so much and really felt prepared for childbirth after these classes. i would definitely recommend this class and Lauren to any expecting mama!"
Rachel 11/18
"I had the positive birth experience of my dreams thanks to Lauren's amazing childbirth prep class, which we took at The Pump Station in Santa Monica. The three part course went into great detail about all things childbirth. If it involves labor & delivery, Lauren touched on it. What was really great was that the class did not cater to one particular ideology of childbirth. If you want an unmedicated birth, great, she set you up for success. If you want an epidural, great, she told us all about them. If you need a c-section, have no fear, she will help you feel ready for that possibility. My dream was to have an unmedicated hospital birth, and because of the information and tools my husband and I learned in this class, I was able to have it. Even if my birth experience had gone a different way, I would have been prepared for almost anything. Birth is such a vulnerable and life-changing experience, I really think it behooves all women and their partners to take a class like this so they can confront all that awaits them. It's very empowering to have the kind of knowledge you'll get in this class. Lauren has warm and positive energy without being cloying or patronizing at all. She's straightforward and supportive, and I can tell would keep an even keel in a delivery room. Can't recommend her class enough."
Rebecca (& Brad) 9/18
"I can't say enough great things about Lauren! My husband and I took her class at A Mothers Haven for Caring for your Newborn. We took a birthing class and a breastfeeding class at the same place but this was our favorite!! I wish she would have taught all our classes. She was enthusiastic and didn't just read off a piece of paper like the other instructors did. She is truly passionate about what she does. My husband even said he would love to hire her if we have trouble settling into newborn life!"
Jennifer (& Jay) 9/18
"Your class definitely helped prepare us for different scenarios and we really appreciated the knowledge we had. It allowed us to stay calm and enjoy the moments. Thank you!"
Meredith (& Michael) 8/18
"Thank you so much for the class!! We feel so ready and excited for our birth!!"
Rachael (& Gabriel) 7/18
"I would highly recommend hiring Lauren to absolutely anyone, especially if you are hoping to accomplish an unmedicated birth. I feel that my pain was cut down significantly by her extensive knowledge of different positions, laboring in the bath, etc. as well as by simply relieving the stress and fear that comes from the unknown.  I was relaxed and confident throughout my birth knowing that she was there to support husband has commented countless times that hiring her was the best decision we could have possibly made."
Kate (& Nate) 6/18
"I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the help & advice from you."
Laurel (& Bill) 5/18
"We really enjoyed the birthing class and I personally felt that it gave us a lot of confidence going into the birth of our daughter.  We had a very positive experience ... I was pleasantly surprised by how calm I was in the labor and delivery process, and I credit some of that to the knowledge gained through your class."
Jamie & Justin 3/18
"I just wanted to thank you again for the birthing class you taught at The Pump Station. I especially want to thank you for the one story you gave about epidurals - the one where you note that sometimes it’s good to use an epidural to get some rest. Ian and I decided to go with the epidural after being in labor for 15 hours.  We promptly took a nap afterwards."
Frances 1/18

"As a first time mom who chose to do an all natural birth having the support of our doula (Lauren) was just priceless. Not only did she provide amazing knowledge of the birthing process but her caring and supportive approach was astonishing. I was grateful to be able to have her support before, during and after our delivery and why I will be sure to reach out for her support me when we decide to have another baby."

Lynda 9/17


"My wife and I took the 3-Week Birthing class "SUPPORTED BIRTH," led by Lauren Ryan. Each class is 3 hours long, and Lauren goes IN DEPTH about every stage of labor and the full scope of the birthing experience. At the same time, she is wonderfully personable, knowledgeable and engaging. What I appreciated most was the way she seamlessly incorporated fathers and partners into her class. It has become standard operating procedure to either ignore or passively insult the men in the room as having no further use, but Lauren didn't do that. She brought us into the experience - one that is quite foreign and unknown to us - and clearly explained all the ways we can help the women in our lives. How to support them, anticipate needs, take care of lots of household things, and assist in laboring at home. 
My wife is going to give birth to our first baby in 2 months, and the whole process of laboring and getting to the hospital and whether or not to use drugs, etc - it all used to feel like a big fat QUESTION MARK. But after 3 excellent sessions, which promoted tons of great conversations between us, and dozens of questions during the sessions, we feel much more equipped and ready to take on this challenge. That QUESTION MARK isn't nearly as daunting as it used to be. I would HIGHLY recommend this course to any/all first time parents. We got so much out of it."

Jason 8/17


"Thank you Lauren! I have to admit I was not that enthused about taking a "lamaze" class. My friends told me I'd be fine just watching a video but David really wanted to take one to learn & meet people, etc. Walking up to the first class I even thought, "What on earth are we going to talk about for 3 hours?" Was I ever wrong!  You were so informative & taught me so much. I feel so much more knowledgeable & able to speak up at the hospital for my needs. Thank you for empowering us with knowledge. Your classes were engaging & your humor was much appreciated."

Tracey (& David) 7/17


"Thank you for all your help during the most memorable day of our lives. Jeff and I can't thank you enough for your special support."

Audrey (& Jeff) 1/17


"Thank you again for your amazing support and for quite literally helping keep my sanity and helping me make it through the the other side!! "

Benson (& Megan) 12/16


"You are such a blessing. Hiring you as our doula was the best investment ever."

Bianca (& Ken) 9/16


"You made a huge impact."

 Christina & Joe 10/16


"You were awesome...Could not have done that without you! You crushed it."

Mat (& Maiko)  4/16


"Thank you so much for all your help. I don't know what we would have done without you."

Kumari (& Louis) 3/16

"So glad we went natural and appreciate all the info we got from your class."

Caitlin (& Marshall) 1/16


"We really enjoyed your class and both felt much more confident and capable going into the birth. For me, what really assured me was that we both had the same information and were on the same page with "the plan" (used loosely) so going in, I felt like we would be moving united, rather than stressing out about what to do every step of the way."

Lauren (& Zach) 1/16


"I'm very thankful for the discussion you had with us about when an epidural might be the right thing to do. I think without that knowledge I would not have felt that it was OK, and that it could be a good thing for me, but it so clearly was. When it was time to push and during recovery I had the strength I needed, and I would not have, had I kept going and not had any rest. Thank you."

Annika (& Julio) 12/15


"Thanks again for the class - it definitely played a role in giving us the birth experiences we wanted!"

Rachel (& Damon) 11/15


"It helped me to know as much as I could about the labor and delivery process. I loved the classes we took with Lauren and felt much better and confident going into labor after the class."

Julia (& David) 10/15


"All in all, I had such an amazing experience. It was truly the best day of my life and I even said to my husband about 15 minutes after he was born that I was ready for baby #2 haha! Thanks so much for the wonderful birth class. Roger and I learned a lot and I'm so happy I was able to have the drug-free birth that I wanted."

Colleen (& Roger) 9/15

"Holy moly, giving birth is no joke."

Michelle (& Barrett) 8/15


"Thank you for helping me have this be such a positive experience - I felt such inner strength and confidence."

Jenny (& Jeff) 7/15


"It was a great experience and very emotional."

Catriona (& Mark-Paul) 6/15


"...the class was a huge part of the reason why we were able to have the natural childbirth we wanted. In addition to being informative and reassuring us that everything we were experiencing was healthy and normal, it had also given us the tools to have the preparatory conversations and so the planning we needed to do as a couple in order to share the experience so fully. The labor and birth process was the most intense, self-affirming, difficult and rewarding experience I've ever had. And to feel as locked in with my partner as I did with Damon was beyond description and expectations."

Rachel (& Damon) 5/15


"Thank you, Lauren! We enjoyed the class and felt prepared. Will definitely be recommending you to our friends! Thanks for your time and helping prepare us!"

Crystal & Luke 2/15


"Thank you for all you did for Michael and me in our childbirth education class. My body really did know how to give birth!"

Kate 12/14


"I am convinced that my birth story would not have been as ideal as it was without you as my doula. From discussions during my pregnancy to post-partum follow-up, you provided fantastic support. You even had chapstick for me during labor! You will always hold a very deep-seated place in my heart. Thank you so very much for you assisting me in the most moving experience of my life."

Katie 11/14


" We really did love your class and we are very happy that we took it."

Patricia & Adam 10/14


"I am still on high with gratitude for the invaluable part you played in my birthing process. I know without a doubt I could not have made it over without you, my earth angel!!!"

Bianca (& Ken) 10/14


"I'm glad my husband and I prepared as much as we did by taking your class and having a doula. It gave us a picture of what to expect and we felt prepared and ready when the time came."

Teresa (& Brandon) 9/14


"It helped me by being open and flexible from the start and not having my heart set on one thing for labor and birth."

Laura 8/14


"Thank you for the classes."

Mel & Spencer 6/14


"The cesarean was way better than I thought it would be."

Melissa (& Jonathan) 2/14


"We wanted to thank you again for all your guidance. We felt incredibly prepared when our son arrived... We waited until 411 and utilized everything we learned in the class and felt very knowledgeable before and once we got to the hospital."

Jessica & Chris 1/14


"It definitely was not what I planned, but at the end of the day I'm proud to say I went through the labor before the caesarean. I feel so empowered to know I can handle intense pain and still be alright. (I wouldn't wish back labor on anyone though) To be able to make it through what I did before Talin was born makes me realize how resilient the human body is."

Devon (& Daniel) 11/13


"I did try to use some techniques from your class, DEFINITELY focused on breathing, visualized myself on my perfect beach when I couldn't stop my body from shaking, and focused on each really strong contraction massaging my baby, getting him ready to take his first breaths. Tried to allow my body to relax into the contraction and massage the baby, versus trying to fight it."

Shawna (& Tom) 10/13


"Great experience! While I originally was hoping for no meds, my situation required some and the walking epidural was an excellent option."

Sheneza (& Jaime) 9/13


"Thanks again Lauren! And thank you for the pep talk on my delivery day. Things got a little nutty but our girl is here and we are very thankful."

Kelly & Daniel 8/13


"When I was checked by the on call doctor at 1am, I was 5cm dilated. She was very surprised that I was 5cm because she said I didn't seem in pain (thanks to your awesome coping mechanisms!)...we very much enjoyed the Supported Birth class you led...thank you again!"

Melissa & Kyle 6/13


"We're happy Ben's healthy and that there weren't any complications. Mike and I felt prepared -- and asked a lot of questions -- because of the Supported Birth class."

Michelle (& Micheal) 5/13