Supported Birth Care

Supported Birth Care is now offering classes on-line via Zoom and Virtual Doula Support.

Newborn Care Classes

Supported Birth Care is now offering classes on-line via Zoom.

Supported Birth Care offers group and private newborn care classes.

Learn the essential skills you need to take care of your new baby in this fun, informative, hands-on class! Geared to parents-to-be, grandparents and caregivers. Students will be given information to help them learn and recognize baby cues, care for a new baby, gain an understanding of newborn behavior and need and develop confidence.


Class topics:

  • first moments of life
  • first medical checkup
  • newborn appearance
  • cord care
  • nail care
  • bathing
  • diapering
  • dressing
  • swaddling
  • holding
  • feeding
  • burping
  • sleeping
  • soothing
  • pediatricians
  • safety
  • interacting
  • and much more

Group classes are offered monthly at A Mother’s Haven in Encino on Saturdays from 1:30-4:30.

Class sizes are limited

Students should dress in comfortable clothing.


Private classes are taught in your home and are usually are a one time 3 hour-long class.