Supported Birth Care

Doula Services

Supported Birth Care offers labor/birth doula services and postpartum doula services to take you from pregnancy through postpartum.

Labor/Birth Doula

We provide our clients with double the expertise and support; allowing you and your family to  always have a well-rested doula.


A birth doula is an experienced professional who offers physical and emotional support to the woman and her partner along with technical knowledge that will help parents-to-be navigate the hospital world. Doulas offer a nonjudgmental attitude through encouragement and advocacy during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Doulas support whatever a client’s birth plan is whether it involves an unmedicated birth, an epidural or a cesarean.


We offer emotional support during pregnancy and help to develop a birth plan. We are trained to provide continuous emotional and physical support during active labor as needed: massage, help with birthing positions, a calm and reassuring presence, advocacy for your wishes in the hospital, help with decisions, initial breastfeeding guidance and more.

We do not have an "agenda" for your birth. Some partners feel fatigue, helplessness, inexperience, emotional involvement or intimidation. With a doula the pressure from the partner is removed (we do not replace the role of the partner) and they are free to experience the birth of their child. A doula is sensitive to the couples' relationship and understands that her role is to empower rather than take charge.

We will help make the transition from pregnancy to parenthood a positive experience.


Birth doula care includes:

  • Initial complimentary meeting
  • Phone/text/email support during pregnancy, early labor and postpartum
  • One prenatal visit
  • Help to develop a birth plan
  • Continuous emotional and physical support throughout your whole labor
  • Pictures if requested
  • Help with initial breastfeeding
  • One postpartum visit in your home processing the birth along with postpartum care and newborn care tips
  • Provide any referrals needed

Hospitals we work out of:

Saint Joseph Burbank, Holy Cross Hospital Mission Hills, Huntington Hospital, USC Verdugo Hills, Kaiser Sunset, Tarzana, Kaiser Woodland Hills, Kaiser Panorama City, West Hills, Northridge Hospital, Valley Presbyterian, Cedars-Sinai, St. Johns, UCLA Ronald Reagan (Westwood), UCLA Santa Monica, California Hospital, Methodist Hospital of Arcadia, White's Memorial, Little Company of Mary Torrance

We have attended home births and birthing centers as well.

Postpartum Doula

A postpartum doula is a trained professional with expertise on the transition from pregnancy into parenthood. They provide perspective to help normalize the experience and reduce stress for parents and baby. Studies show that parents spend on average 14-18 hours of childcare in 24 hours in the first few weeks after birth. 


Postpartum doulas can assist parents and newborns once they are home by:

  • Baby care (bathing, swaddling, diaper changing and nail trimming)
  • Basic breastfeeding support
  • Bottle use and care
  • Sleep guidance for baby and parents
  • Soothing techniques / calming a fussy baby 
  • Massage and stretching 
  • Proper use of carriers and slings 
  • Postpartum care of mom
  • Building parenting confidence (by discussing parenting philosophy and what works for each individual family)
  • Light housekeeping chores / food preparation / animal care 
  • Assist in pediatric appointments / OB appointments / errands
  • Parent self care for the baby while you nap, shower, and or run an errand 


**Minimum of a four hour shift two times a week for two weeks

**Additional hours and shifts available