Supported Birth Care

Supported Birth Care is now offering classes on-line via Zoom and Virtual Doula Support.

Doula Birth Packages

Supported Birth Care Standard Package:

An initial no-obligation meeting with both of us to get to know one another. Once you book us there will be a second prenatal visit where there will be a detailed client intake. The next time we visit with you will be your birth. One of us will be with you during labor, birth and one to two hours afterwards to support breastfeeding. We will follow up with a postpartum visit at your home to process the birth, offer postpartum care and newborn care tips and provide any other referrals that may be needed.



In addition to the standard package we also offer -

  • private childbirth education class in your home
  • private newborn care class in your home
  • three days of 3 hours postpartum doula care (one week), more may be added
  • lactation consultation