Supported Birth Care

Supported Birth Care is now offering classes on-line via Zoom and Virtual Doula Support.

Childbirth Education Classes

Supported Birth Care is now offering classes on-line via Zoom.

Supported Birth Care offers group, private, intensive and refresher classes.

Group and Private



Supported Birth childbirth classes educate birth people and couples on the biological process of birth through self-exploration and pain coping tools and techniques.


Class topics:

  • perspectives on birth in America
  • stages of labor
  • exploring attitudes/fears about birth
  • dealing with pain
  • discovering your internal resources
  • partners
  • relaxation and labor techniques
  • physiology of labor
  • nutrition
  • birth environment
  • labor scenarios
  • labor support
  • medical interventions
  • pain relief medication
  • complications and variations
  • cesareans
  • postpartum

Supported Birth covers stages of labor, pain coping techniques, pain relief medications and cesareans as most typical childbirth classes do. What makes Supported Birth different from other childbirth preparation classes is that it is taught in an interactive and personalized way where birth people and couples will participate in discussions as opposed to only listening to lectures. Students will come out of class feeling empowered and positive about birth even while facing variable options and unknowns.

This class is especially good for birth people who have fears about giving birth and those attracted to, but not limited, the idea of natural childbirth.


Students will have the tools they need to have a successful hospital or home birth.

There is no "one right way" or method for giving birth in Supported Birth. It does not matter if birth people are interested in an unmedicated birth or getting an epidural, Supported Birth will educate them on all their options.


Classes held at the following locations:

The Pump Station in Santa Monica 

*2 class series on Wednesdays, 6-9pm

*One time 4-5 hour intensive monthly Saturday session


**Class sizes are limited

**Students should dress in comfortable clothing


Private classes are available too, taught in your home

Refresher and Sibling Preparation Class

This course is ideal for birth people and their partners who have given birth within the past 5 years and took a childbirth class with that pregnancy.

Supported Birth refresher covers:

  • previous birth experience
  • stages of labor
  • pain coping techniques and relaxation
  • nutrition
  • birth environment
  • labor support
  • pain relief medications
  • cesareans
  • postpartum
  • sibling preparation and adjustment.

Private classes are taught in your home and are usually a one time 4 hour-long class.