Supported Birth Care

Lactation Services

A certified lactation consultant assists mothers with breastfeeding issues by coming to their home, observing them while they breastfeed and offering suggestions and advice.


Common breastfeeding issues:

  • weight loss in infant
  • low/overabundance milk production
  • pain during breastfeeding
  • sore/cracked nipples
  • nursing comfortably in public
  • pumping/breast milk storage
  • returning back to work
  • weaning

Supported Birth Care offers non-judgmental breastfeeding support individualized for each mother.


Initial consultations are in-home 60 minute long appointments. Follow up appointments are either a 30 minute long video chat or an in-home 60 minute long appointment.

Contact Elizabeth Bedolla at 818-877-6159 to set up an appointment.